Hair Cutting Tools

Using the right tools when cutting hair can make or break the hair cutting process. Using the wrong tools while cutting hair can lead to disaster and should be avoided, so here are the tools that every hairdresser should have:

Scissors are the most important tool in hair cutting, the scissors should be sharp on both edges and also have sharp points which can be used to texturize a style and allow for precision cuts while creating a hairstyle. Each side of the scissors should be equally sharp.

Be sure to find a pair of scissors that feels comfortable in your hands. The right pair of scissors should fit well and allow you to rest your ring finger on the still blade and the thumb and forefinger within the rings of the scissors to maintain control over the hairstyle. The little finger should be placed on the finger brace in order to maintain proper control while using the scissors.

A variety of combs are used to cut, style and detangle the hair. The thumb and the index finger are the predominant parts of the hand that are used to handle the comb. Remember, at the time that combing takes place the scissors should be closed to ensure that no hair is accidently cut while you are combing. The cutting comb can be identified from the varying spaces throughout the comb in which at one end of the comb the spaces are wider and the other end of the comb the spaces are narrower.

There are a variety of clips that are used to section the hair into pieces while creating a cut like layers. Clips are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some clips have teeth which can grip to the hair and create a bond so the hair is unable to move while other sections are being cut from the hair. This way, you can work on one section at a time while creating a signature style.

Thinning Scissors
Thinning scissors are just like regular scissors but both blades of the scissors are serrated and therefore the scissors will thin the hair in a diagonal pattern. Thinning scissors are used on one section of hair at a time and can help to create texture in a hairstyle. Thinning scissors are often used in layered hairstyles and are an effective way to lighten up the hair and avoid the hair hanging from the head and appearing heavy. Thinning scissors are held in the exact same way as traditional scissors.

A hairdresser uses generally uses razors or clippers on men when creating short hairstyles. Using razors is an effective way to create a short style that can be blended into the hairstyle.

Ensuring that you have access to these basic tools means that you can become a successful hairdresser as you are encompassed with the tools required to create classic styles, as well as modern styles.

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