How to Cut Short Hair

Short hair can be some of the most challenging hair cuts to create, especially for a novice hair stylist. There are many tips and tricks that can be used to make the process of cutting short hair easier, including choosing the proper tools and checking that you have created an even hairstyle throughout the cut. This can help to reduce the finishing time at the end of the haircut and create an even style that your client will love.

First, make sure that you are working with the proper tools. When creating a short hair cut it is important to work with tools that are sharp. Be sure that the shears, scissors and razors as well as clippers that you are working with are all sharpened.. This will ensure that you receive the best results. Especially when working with short hair, it is important to create straight and concise cuts as they are going to be showcased more than a hair cut that involves a longer cut.

When cutting short hair it is important that the hair remains damp. This can make it easier to judge how the hair is being cut and to ensure that each side of the hair cut is even. Damp hair can be achieved by a simple wash before the haircut is completed. Using conditioner can reduce the snags and tangles in the hair and make the hair easier to cut. Conditioner should be the only product which is used in the hair before a cut, as other products used in the hair can lead to an uneven cut. Most often, the stylist should be able to tell if the hair is clean and if there are any products in the hair that can lead to the cut being mismanaged.

When making the transition from long to short it is important to divide the hair into sections. Most stylists divide the hair into horizontal sections. Clip each section after you have started to cut it and next ensure that all sections are equal by using your fingers to compare the length of each section. These sections should be cut from the bottom of the hair to the top of the hair and after each is cut than the next section can be cut. The comb can be used to measure the hair before being cut and it is important to cut only up to an inch at a time (at the most) when cutting a short hairstyle.

One of the most important aspects of creating a short hairstyle is to remember that only short cuts should be created, rather than hacking off a chunk of hair, remember, you can always cut off more hair later but once the hair is cut you can't make it longer. For this reason, small cuts are the best bet when it comes to shorter styles. Large cuts should be avoided for this reason, but also because when large cuts are made into a short style it can create a negative choppy appearance and choppy is never a good thing unless it has been intentionally created as a choppy style.

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