How to Cut Long Hair

Learning to cut long hair does not have to be difficult. There are many styles that can be created with long hair and the simple use of shears. There are layers that can be created in the hair, the hair can be cut short or the hair can be cut into a bob. These are only a few of the styling options that are available for a long haircut. Cutting long hair requires patience and may often take longer than a short haircut, or a trim.

When cutting long hair it is important to ensure that the hair is clean and free from product. In the case that it is, simply wetting the hair with a spray bottle before beginning will enable you to get the precise effects which are created from cutting hair that has been dampened, rather than cutting dry hair. If the hair has excessive product in it than the cut may be affected, therefore, a wash is recommended before the hair cut is begun.

One of the most popular hairstyles for cutting long hair includes a graduated layering style which is best for people that wish to keep the length on their hair. This graduated haircut starts at the bangs and uses the popular seven section parting technique to complete the haircut. The layers are created longer on the bottom and shorter on the top, like many popular layered hairstyles. Use the bangs as a marking for the haircut to determine where the haircut should lie. There is often six inches between the top layer of the hair and the bottom layer. As you work, be sure to check if the sections are the same length by bringing them to the front of the face. Cut half of one section at one time to ensure that you are creating a well blended haircut. Finishing should include cross checking and other forms of making sure that there are no sharp edges or trims that stick out from the haircut.

A bob haircut can be cut into medium and long styles and is often without layers and is often the same length through the entire style. The bob can be cut by ensuring that the hair has been dampened. Determining whether the bob cut is asymmetrical or not can help to plan the cut. In the case of an asymmetrical bob, the hair will be cut shorter in the front than in the back, but will follow the same lines of the haircut. One of the most important things to remember when cutting long hair is the finishing. There are techniques that are used in finishing the haircut that include cross checking and blending the hair. This will ensure that the haircuts can be created to be sleek appearing and blended together though straight lines and cuts are used throughout the style.

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