How to Cut Hair Layers

Layered haircuts are one of the most popular types of haircuts as they are one of the most versatile styles that can be created. Whether you wish to wear the style curly or straight, there are many styles that encompass the layered hairstyle.

One of the most important parts of cutting a layered haircut is to use the right tools when cutting hair. Sharp scissors must be used to create the clean cuts. Clean cuts are a necessary part of creating the layered haircut. Using professional quality scissors has many benefits as they can keep their sharpness longer.

A layered haircut can be created with wet or dry hair. Most stylists prefer to cut a layered hair cut with wet hair as it can be easier to control the hair. Clean hair also works best for cutting hair in layers as there are no snarls which are present in the hair that can be created from products like hairspray which are left in the hair. It is important to remember that these types of products can impede the hair stylist from creating the sleek and straight lines which are required when cutting the hairs in layers.

One of the easiest methods that are used to create layers is to create a seven-section part in which the hair on the head is sectioned into seven parts which can be used to create dimension in the hair by creating layers. After the seven section part has been created start with the most front portion of the hair which will create the bangs, these bangs will be used to measure the rest of the layers of the hair and is an essential beginning to a properly layered style.

Use a one inch guide at this section of the hair to create the fringe, or the bangs, as well as creating a one inch guide at the back of the hair as well as above the ears. Use short cuts and be sure to measure the cuts through the haircut to ensure that you are on the right track and ensure that you are not making the cuts too short or different on each side. Failing to check the cuts of the sections can leave you with an off balance haircut.

To check the length of the hair that is being layered it is important to bring the hair to the front of the head from the back to ensure that the length is correct. A length will be correct when the two pieces of hair meet in the front of the head and are at the same length and at the same level. Be sure to use judgments to make sure that the hair is meeting at the same place at a point of symmetry. For example, checking the length of the hair compared to the nose in the front of the face or the occipital bone in the back of the head are often accurate measures that many stylists use to check the balance of the haircut and ensure that each layer is the same length through the head.

This will establish the perimeter of the haircut. Next, complete half sections to ensure that straight cuts are being made through the seven section parting to ensure that each layer falls just above the last leaving the layered look which has become so popular.

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