How to Cut Your Own Hair

Learning how to cut your own hair can save you hundreds of dollars per year. There are many techniques that you can use and it is important to learn proper technique to ensure that you get the best possible hair cut.

Here are some of the techniques that should be used when cutting your hair at home.

Make sure that you are working with sharp scissors. Working with sharp scissors ensures that you will be able to have the optimal effects from the scissors and the cut. Cutting your hair with dull scissors can yield a messy haircut and can damage your hair; therefore, it should be avoided.

When cutting your hair, be sure that your hair is clean before you start cutting. Washing your hair and ensuring that all products have been removed from your hair will have the best effects. Wet hair will often yield the best results and therefore it is important to wash your hair (if you are prone to tangled hair use a detangling agent which will help you achieve the sharpest of haircuts) before you proceed with cutting.

In the case that you are giving yourself a trim to the bangs than use the previous haircut as a guideline that can be used to shape the new bangs. Remember, when you are cutting damp hair then it is more than likely going to get slightly shorter when it dries. For this reason, cutting the bangs too short should be avoided. Cut your bangs straight across if you desire straight cut appearing bangs or cu the bangs in small sections using upright cuts with the scissors to achieve the fringe look.

Keep in mind when cutting longer bangs. if you tend to sweep to the side then part your hair in the way that you usually style your hair. This can help you to achieve the best results when you style your hair.

Cutting your hair at home should be avoided if you are trying to change your current style. An inexperienced person that is cutting their own hair should stick to cutting their own hair in the form of a trim, rather than trying to create a new style, as it can be difficult for a novice hair stylist to create a style that appears professional.

One of the easiest ways to cut your own hair at home is to simply trim a certain amount of hair from each portion of your hair. For example, if you have layers, simply trim a certain amount from each of the layers.

When cutting your own hair, it's helpful to use a three way mirror to allow you to see the back of the head and your hair that is being cut from the back of the head. In the case that you do not have access to a three way mirror than consider using a handheld mirror to judge the progress after a certain amount of cuts have been made from your hair.

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