How to Cut Curly Hair

Curly hair should be cut when it is dry. Cutting curly hair when it is wet can lead to a style that changes after the cuts have been made into the hair. In some cases, cutting curly hair while it is wet can lead to the development of a completely different style as the outcome of the haircut.

Blunt cuts are those which encompass the same length throughout the perimeter of the hair. These should be avoided as they can lead to the hair being heavy and the curls losing the bounce that they should have. Since the blunt cut has the same length throughout, it is just not the right choice for curly hair.

Cutting the hair when it is dry is important, but it also is important where the hair is cut. The hair should be cut at the bottom of a natural curl to reduce the amount of frizz that can be seen with curly hair. When cuts are made in the middle of the curl it can lead to a frizzy and disheveled appearance, meaning that the haircut will look as if it had been created sloppily. This is something that you want to avoid as a stylist as it can lead to unhappy clients and a bad reputation.

It is important to remember that while cutting thin hair into layers there should be no techniques used which can decrease the thickness of the hair. Therefore, thinning shears are a no-no when it comes to cutting curly hair. Curly hair needs thickness to give definition to the curls, thinning the hair can only lead to the hair appearing frizzy.

It is important for the stylist to realize that that the top of the hair should be cut last. These curls are most fragile and should be cut last. This means that the stylist should trim as little as possible from these curls to ensure that the new curls are maintained. Although this becomes part of the layered hairstyle, over layering can reduce the definition of the style.

Although the hair should not be thinned, the hair stylist should take advantage of layers that can increase the appearance of the volume to the hair. It is important to remember that too many layers should be avoided as it can lead to the hair appearing frizzy. With curly hair styles and haircuts there is one major thing that should be avoided, and this is doing anything which can cause the curls to appear frizzy. Frizzy appearing curls are not attractive and are often the sign on bad management and a bad hairstyle.

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